Trailer Conveyor

Trailer conveyors for sequenced pallet delivery are one of our specialties and we are the industry leader in this category. There are a lot of unique factors that go into building this type of conveyor and having it hold up for the long run. It needs to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of bumpy roads, wide temperature fluctuations and often heavy loads. Our “continuous improvement” approach to these designs has accumulated over 18 years of experience with developing extremely robust and functional equipment in this category. A few of our standard features include:

  • Numerous configurations for various lane configurations and large pallets
  • Several options for back-up systems to emergency unload the trailer
  • Overbuilt, heavy duty steel framework and stop mechanism
  • High quality chain for extended life
  • Low friction chain options for preserving pallet life
  • Robot or conveyor interface features
  • High quality paint job to withstand the elements
  • Countless additional options that we work through on every application to make sure you get exactly the right equipment for your scenario

These units are absolutely critical to ensuring the timely delivery of parts and we take the design of each and every application very seriously. We also have a number of proprietary parts and processes we have developed over the years that give us best-in-class functionality and durability. Many of our units have been in operation for well over 10 years so our methods are time-tested. Additionally, we can provide the plant conveyor for loading and unloading the trailers so you can get everything you need all as one beautifully designed solution.

If you need this type of conveyor you simply cannot afford to not talk to us first. We would put our record up against any other manufacturer out there and dare you to try and find a more robust solution. We work with a variety of integrators and also have the ability to provide a fully wired unit. Contact us today to talk about the best solution for your needs.

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