CDLR roller conveyor


We offer a variety of types of roller conveyor including but not limited to chain driven live roller (CDLR), Poly-V conveyor, O-ring conveyor, gravity conveyor, accumulation conveyor, etc. Each conveyor type has its own pros and cons meaning each one has its place and is not automatically better or worse than another. We take a variety of factors into account when determining the appropriateness of conveyor for an application including product size and weight, speed, accumulation requirements, budget and many others.

There are a number of common design characteristics that we have incorporated into our conveyors over the years that provide robust functionality compared to competitive products:


  • Combination of welded and bolt-together design gives you the strength of welded construction with the ability to customize the setup in the field when things aren’t as expected or you need to change your layout in the future.
  • Common hole patterns in sideframes and crossmembers that allow for simple attachment of brackets, devices, cable tray, etc.
  • Integrated brackets for standard sensors that take the guesswork out of mounting devices.
  • A few different versions of leveling feet that offer specific functionality depending on your needs.

These and many other things represent the highly intentional approach we take when designing equipment and catering a solution to each customer’s unique needs.

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