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We build elevators for numerous applications in all shapes and sizes. Our base designs are 4-post (typically heavy loads or long travel) and mast style (typically lighter loads and short travel). Most commonly our elevators are powered by electric motor or servo. We do offer pneumatic operation for short travel elevators which are extremely simple to set up, operate and maintain.

 We have an extensive background of experience to draw from, but our custom approach means that we can help design the perfect solution for your application. Just a few of the various options we are capable of include:

  • Drive types: traditional motor, servo, pneumatic cylinder
  • Conveyor on carriage: CDLR, chain conveyor, gravity conveyor, belt conveyor
  • Guarding: screen guard, lexan panels
  • Service platform and ladder
  • Redundant motor for minimized downtime due to motor failure

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific application and we would be more than happy to help customize a solution for you!

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